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Our Focus


Identifying those technology gaps that represent the greatest opportunity for improving sustainability metrics within the energy-water-food-climate nexus is not always evident. These gaps spread across economic sectors and are sometimes difficult to understand and quantify. Additionally, technology impact is greatly dependent on local conditions such as infrastructure capabilities, environmental conditions, cultural identity, and policy climate.


International agencies and government at various levels are aiming at enabling nexus-oriented solutions. However, local, national, and global policies are often fragmented and economic sectors tend to operate in silos. Understanding policy inter-linkages can help formulating more harmonized policies that are conducive to sound solutions.


Understanding potential synergies and antagonisms among technologies and policies is key for identifying those investment areas that can bring the largest economic, environmental, and social return. Development banks and private equity funds often struggle to support innovation that produce long lasting and positive results on the energy-water-food-climate nexus.


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